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"Heartbeat" art plates
"Heartbeat" art plates
fused glass
3 sizes

Okay, so I love hearts. They make my heart happy to see I find heat shapes in rocks and coral on the beach, in the clouds, in leaves on the ground, in coffee in blossoms and torn wet paper on the pavement...everywhere. So, here's my happy spot. For you. In these three happy colors colors. They come in 3 sizes. If you want several or many, please give me a call and we'll go over the colors, etc. These plates are very substantial too...1/4" thick.

5" x 5" $48
8" x 8" $88
10" x 10" $148

Purchase the 5" x 5" Heartbeat plate here

|Purchase the 8" x 8" Heartbeat plate here

Purchase the 10" x 10" Heartbeat plate here

Thanks! You may also call me at 305-304-0019 too.