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Pure White Frangipani
Pure White Frangipani
fused glass
12.5" x 12.5" $ 1/4" thick

When I had my shop in Key West, it was filled with color. Some people that entered were overwhelmed by it and others just floated in it and smiled. I used to think I should put a sign on my door that read, "If you're afraid of color, don't come in"...but, now...I see something else...something in the simple, elegant beauty of pure white and clear. Oh, and there's always going to be the Mary O'Shea absolute straight lines, the organic minuscule bubbles that forever hold that time of the melt in its molecular memory, the feel in your hands as you touch the slight texture on the bottom of the piece. You know me. And, this piece, I just love. I love its size, heft and clean-ness. I just want to look at it and feel it and hold it.

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