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Large Rounded Triangle Fern Platter
Large Rounded Triangle Fern Platter
Fused Glass
14" x 14"

I don't know about you, but I love ferns. When we go hiking in forests, or Forest Bathing it's called, it amazes me how abundant they are here in Oregon and they are everywhere! When the light hits them in the late afternoon, it's just the best color therapy for me in the world. So, I made this new piece this week to celebrate the fern. I put some of my favorite colors in there, with the turquoise and lime green. It has a wonderful, soft texture. It can be used as a platter or piece of art. It's large too, 14" in every direction.

This original platter has SOLD but I can make you one with similar colors. All pieces are one-of-a-kind. ~mary :}

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