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Fused Glass
approx. 15" x 5"


Working with glass for me is a treasure hunt. My studio, I've always said is a death trap of piles of glass in all the colors one can imagine. When they're melted together, other colors emerge. Quite a few of the art pieces I make are from scraps I see on the workbench that look like they want to become something. Or I see a shape that would be a great pattern for a larger piece. I've actually started photographing pieces that I've quickly arranged on the workbench that I'll use as inspiration to make something in the future. I call the photos "workbench art" and I keep a file of the pictures.

The Protector series came from seeing a piece that gave me the jumping off point to start to play. Most of my designs come from simply playing with the material. When the protector started to come to life, I immediately felt this sense that these were a piece you could put on your wall that would help protect you from your fears. They are all one-of--a-kind, so I've started numbering them. Each one is signed by me on the back with their Protector number. $249


You can always call me at 305-304-0019 and chat if you want to order it a different way. ~mary :}