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Classic "slip-thru" necklaces in Drop & Pillow styles...
Classic "slip-thru" necklaces in Drop & Pillow styles...
fused glass
1.5x 3/8" & 1" x 1"

I love this style. It works so well with anything you wear. If you want it on another chain, just slip it off the ones I sent and slide it onto yours! I send it with an 18" silver snake chain style & an 18" black silk cord. They're both fun styles. These pieces look like they float on your neckline. So effortless. And, if you're a fiddler, it's fun to play with! This photo shows the two pieces in "clear", but I make them in other colors too. Let me know if you'd like them in:

pale pink
pale ming green
sky blue
pale amber
dark blue
cherry red

-just e-mail me with the color you'd like. Thx!
**Something to remember is the sparkly effect is best on the lighter colors.

Classic "slip-thru" large Drop

Classic "slip-thru" large Pillow

Thanks! Feel free to call if you want to discuss color or anything~ :}