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serving trays
Serving Traysdetails:larger ones on right are 6"x12"...$36 eachavailable in any color you like--just ask!--smaller one on left is 4.5" x 9"... $26 each

Here are a couple of favorite pieces I make--the 6"x12" "sashimi" tray is great for all sorts of goodies, from seared tuna slices to crackers and cheese to your toothbrush on your vanity! The little 4.5"x9" tray is also good for any sort of snacky-type of serving or also great for your jewelry on your dresser. So many uses--so little time! *NOTE: the price of the lavender color for all my dishes is double the price of all the other colors...*

Below are links to show colors that are available for my serving trays:

Transparent Colors

Opaque Colors

Click here to purchase the 6"x12" Sashimi tray:

Click here to order the 4.5" x 9" serving tray:

**Please let me know what color(s) you want in the "instructions to merchant" section when checking out.

Thank You! Oh, and if you just want to call to figure out what colors you'd like, feel free! 305.304.0019, or e-mail me at :}